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Saro de Rúe x Gothamista Essence

Saro de Rúe X Gothamista


This essence is unlike any other. 

Crafted using the rarest, most potent ingredients, ancient Korean techniques, and hanbang herbs, Essence is the skincare essential your skin's been waiting for. 

With the benefits of a hydrating toner and serum in one, this enriched formula quickly absorbs, leaving skin feeling fresh, radiant, healthy. 

Formulated with 62% enhanced black ginseng extract, a treasured Korean medicinal herb used for centuries for its power to heal, regenerate and enliven. 

Essence is a multifunctional powerhouse that strengthens the skin barrier, hydrates, brightens, and increases collagen production.

Essence is created for every skin type, every age, gender, skin type and skin condition. 

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