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Holiday Gift Guide: Over $100

Holiday Gift Guide: Over $100


The hunt for the perfect gift is on! 



Our team put together items from our dream gift wishlist from some of our favorite brands to help make holiday shopping a no-brainer.    



Our Under $100 Gift Guide was a hit, and in our newest gift guide we've curated some equally amazing items.  Keep reading to see our picks for our over $100 Gift Guide!



1. Saro de Rue x Gothamista Essence + Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Bundle, $120 (14-Day) $220 (60-Day)

Two powerhouse products join forces to create the ultimate glowy skincare bundle. Our award-winning freeze-dried HA and our game-changing Essence are the perfect gift for the skincare-lover whose looking to step up their skincare routine.



2. Starling birthstone North Star Signet ring, $620

This ring is both stunning and meaningful. The North Star is meant to be a guiding light towards your “true north” and can be customized with the giftee’s birthstone. 


3. Crown Affair The Set, $220

We’re all about making your skincare routine into a ritual, but what about your hair care routine? Crown Affair’s The Set includes display-worthy essentials that make taking care of your hair into a luxe experience.



4. Knockout Beauty Signature Facial with  SDR Hyaluronic Acid Booster, $414

Treat someone to refreshed, radiant skin by adding a Saro de Rue HA Booster to this already amazing fully-customized facial from the beauty experts at Knockout Beauty. 



5. Canopy Humidifier w/ Aroma + Filter Subscription, $125

One of our favorite tricks for keeping skin healthy and glowing is actually not a skincare product, but rather a humidifier. We love Canopy’s chic design and that it comes with curated scents you can use in tandem.



6. Joanna Czech Facial Massager, $189

This facial massager by celebrity facialist Joanna Czech is an amazing gift for the skincare lover who wants to keep their skin looking firm and lifted. 



7. Lingua Franca Cashmere Travel Set, $365

Wrap up your favorite travel-lover in this cozy cashmere travel set. Add custom embroidery to personalize it and make it feel extra special for that extra special someone.




8. The Cook’s Kitchen Flamingo Estate, $181

Flamingo Estate’s chic aesthetic and garden-grown, ethically produced products have made them a hit with foodies everywhere. This set includes their esteemed cookbook, along with their most-loved pantry essentials like Winter Harvest Persimmon Vinegar, Wildflower Honey, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Looking to spend less? Check out our Under $100 Gift Guide. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

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The Dynamic Duo: Essence & Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid

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