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Skin Talks with Saro de Rúe featuring Kimberly Massabni

Skin Talks with Saro de Rúe featuring Kimberly Massabni


We sat down with beauty marketer Kimberly Massabni to talk about her skincare routine, her favorite self-care rituals, and when she feels best in her skin. Watch the video or read below to learn more!


What’s your nighttime skincare routine?

My nighttime skincare routine is very simple since I found Saro de Rúe. I used to have over 6 steps in my routine and that was way too much and would take too much time — and I don’t have the patience for that. Saro de Rúe helped me narrow that down, by probably removing three products from [my routine]. I now just use Saro de Rúe as a first product after washing my face, my moisturizer, and maybe an oil when it’s winter. 

Why is taking care of your skin important to you?

It’s the first thing that people see and the prettier and healthier your skin, the luckier you’re going to get in the conversations you're going to start engaging in. It’s the first thing that represents you so that’s why I care a lot about taking care of it. 


What are your skincare essentials?

I’m very much about eye creams. And I would also say lip balm. 

What is your best skincare tip?

My favorite skincare tip, I actually discovered over the past few months. It’s a touch of foundation in my morning routine using Saro de Rúe. The combination of the two products gives an incredible glow for the whole day. 

 What’s your favorite self-care activity?

Getting a massage.

When do you feel the best in your skin?

Probably when I finish my entire makeup routine and I have that last little step. It’s when I take a bit of my lipstick on the top of my finger and I dab it on my nose and the top of my cheeks and that just makes me feel so much better. 

What’s your biggest skin sin?

McDonald’s. My main order every single time is a Big Mac menu, large, and six nuggets.

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